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Hydra Pond Filter Blanket

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Hydra Pond Filter Blanket and Packaging

Product Highlights

  • Traps Very Small Particles
  • Use in Water Filtration Systems
  • Upgrade Your Filtration System for a Fraction of the Cost of a New System

We are often asked, "Why do I need your filter blanket when I already have a perfectly good filter system in my pond?"
It is true that most pond filtration systems do a very good job with your pond water on a day to day basis. When treating you pond to remove the green water causing algae using the Hydra Crystal, the particles you are trying to remove are simply much too small to be captured by most filter systems. Adding the filter balnket during treatment captures the smaller paticles resulting in clearer water.

Features and Benefits

  • Works by electrostatic particle retention, where the particles stick to the synthetic fibers like a magnet
  • Captures the very small particles and pond debris that get past the filters mechanical stages
  • Maximum filtration down to 20 micron (blanket size 1 square meter or approx 39" X 39")
  • Dramatically increases efficiency of sponge filter systems for improving water cleanliness.
  • Filtration efficiency is equivalent to units costing many hundreds of dollars
  • Ideal for all filter boxes
  • Hydra uses this blanket for their 1,000 liter tanks in their factory; these tanks do not have any filtration system; they simply use a single layer of pond blanket inside a plastic box as the photos show, which is sufficient to keep their tanks crystal clear. Use in koi, fish and garden ponds.
  • Aquatic grade material and fish safe
  • Size one (1) meter square or (39" X 39")
  • Essential filter upgrade will filter out very small particles and debris

Simply cut the Hydra Pond Filter Blanket to fit the size of the filter box. Place over the filter foams in box type filters or on top of the media in multi-bay filters so that it is the first filter. To wash, remove the filter blanket from filter box and rinse under tap. Then wring dry (as you would a towel). Refit in filter box. When first fitted, check the filter blanket daily (more frequently if you are carrying out a pond cleaning treatment). After two to three days use, check weekly and rinse as above.

Usage Rates
Renew the Hydra Pond Filter Blanket every 12 months.


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