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Hydra pH Up

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Releases pH buffering solution to keep water in balance

Product Highlights

Features & Benefits

  • Hydra pH Up rapidly releases a pH buffering solution into the pond water to help keep it in balance for GH General Hardness and KH Carbonate Hardness.
  • Ideal for emergency treatment in case of pH crash which can cause death of fish.
  • Pond alkalinity is naturally decreased over time through bacterial action which produces acidic compounds that combine with and reduce the alkalinity components.
  • Rain in today's global warming climatic conditions contains large amounts of CO² which is acidic.
  • Ponds with vinyl liners or of fiberglass construction tend to show a decrease in alkalinity (they do not contain any natural pH buffers) over time and need Hydra pH Buffer to maintain an acceptable level.


Usage Rates

Application Rates to Increase KH from zero
Pond Size in Gallons 30 ppm 40 ppm 50 ppm 75 ppm 100 ppm
100 gallon .7 oz 1 oz 1.2 oz 1.8 oz 2.4 oz
250 gallon 1.8 oz 2.4 oz 3 oz 4.5 oz 6 oz
500 gallon 3.6 oz 4.8 oz 6 oz 9 oz 12 oz
1,000 gallon 7.2 oz 9.6 oz 12 oz 18 oz 1.5 lb
10,000 gallon 4.4 lb 6 lb 7.5 lb 11.2 lb 15 lb


Full usage instructions on label.

Ordering Information
To order online, use the form below or call 866-444-0977.


Please Note: Your credit card statement will show your charge to either Climax, LLC or Climax Photo depending on your card. For more information about ordering from us, please see our Ordering page.

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