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Hydra Pond Salt

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Hydra Pond Salt Promotes Better Fish Health

Product Highlights

Features & Benefits

  • 11 Lbs per container
  • Promotes good health in all fish.
  • Minimizes stress on fish.
  • Encourages the formation of the protective mucus.
  • Adds essential trace elements to the fish pond water.
  • Helps fish with wounds and ulcers to recover from treatment.
  • Use to recharge Hydra Ammonia Lock, works by absorbing toxic ammonia in water in exchange for harmless sodium ions.

Usage Rates

  • Normal rates- use at 0.1% i.e. 1 lb per 120 gallons of water.
  • Temporary Rate (fish transport) use at 0.2% i.e. 2 lb per 120 gallons of water.



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